User Experience / Visual Identity

Realizing an onboarding system for content creators.


How do we create a decentralized, fluid, and automated onboarding and training system keeps users engaged?


A new training and onboarding system for content creators that embraces a future forward visual identity.



After Effects

The Bottom Line

Playbook is a mobile marketplace where trainers publish their workouts on their channel and interact with their audience in real-time. Playbook works with high profile trainers such as Don Saladino, Kerri Verna, and Magnus Lygdback, to create personal and unique fitness content.

During a several week sprint, I worked on visual identity, motion graphics, and the overarching system. Some information has edited or withheld due to the nature of the project.

Who's Onboarding

Creators are neither male nor female but generally in their late 20's to early 40's. Interestingly, these people, regardless of their age, emanated a young positive energy. What was most insightful, however, was a lack of a consistent technological literacy standard.

Brand Definition

Understanding what the brand was and should be helped me quickly make decisions on the visual direction of the training portal. Checking against the brand direction ensured that there was a clear objective filter to run decisions by.

Onboarding Experience

Leveraging desk research and competitive benchmarking insights, I created an optimal user flow map. The onboarding process was then organized and prioritized around key behaviors.

User Experience Design

Based on the user profiles and user journeys, I used sticky notes to identify key training areas. These areas served as the basis for the training portal categories.