Let's Get Home Service


Members of the Carnegie Mellon community often have to travel on and around the vicinity of campus multiple times daily. Be it for class, homework, social events or meetings, such activities often occupy large blocks of time and require students to return home very late each night. Many students do not feel completely safe commuting home unaccompanied especially with recent episodes of crime occurring around campus. This is a sentiment that is shared not only by students, but by the many faculty that commute via foot or bike each day. Our proposal addresses student concerns through multifaceted modifications to the existing campus shuttle program.

The project was a joint effort with Miranad Luong and Rachel Lee.

A territory map exploring the intersections of various entities in the problem space.

An experience map exploring the pathways user take in response to the identified problem.

One of our publicly placed maps soliciting responses from the community.

A data flow diagram regarding our solution proposal.