My portfolio serves as an evolving, open letter to myself, chronicling my journey through design. While nencreative.com hosts my professional endeavors, I hope to make this a personal space is a canvas for my diverse interests, painting a fuller picture of who I am. Updates here may be infrequent, and some showcased works harken back to earlier years, yet I invite you to explore and enjoy. Should my work pique your curiosity, please don't hesitate to connect. I’m planning a major update in January of 2024, the first major update in several years.

My design roots are anchored in my education at Carnegie Mellon, where I earned my Bachelor of Design and dual minors in Human-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Environments in 2021. Internship stints at Playbook Technologies and Boston Consulting Group enriched these years, propelling me into consultation roles for giants like Google and budding startups. One of these startups was Parthean where I joined as a Co-Founder in 2020. Following a successful funding round, I charted a new course in 2022, starting my studio, Nen Creative.

On a side note, I perceive design not merely as a skill but as a unique lens through which I interpret the world. It's an instrument of subtle yet profound societal change in our contemporary landscape. My reflections often dwell on this transformative power of design. If you share similar contemplations or have insights into design's present-day impact, I'm eager for a thought exchange. Please feel free to reach out at jason@nencreative.com.

Email & Mobile

Email: jaylzhu@gmail.com