I like to think of my portfolio as an open, ongoing letter to myself. I'm fortunate enough to have a stable long-term job. So while I predominantly work in interface and experiential design, I want my displayed work to reflect my wide range of interests, a reflection of myself. I don't get the opportunity to update my site often, and the work exhibited may be many years old. Still, while you're here, I hope you enjoy the work you see and consider reaching out to me if anything sparks your interest.

My foundation in design derives from my studies at Carnegie Mellon, where I obtained a Bachelors of Design and dual minors in Human-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Environments in 2021. During these years, I also spent summers at Playbook Technologies and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hone my skills in consulting for clients such as Google and many early-stage ventures — one of which I joined as a Co-Founder in 2020.

Finally, design is less of a skill set than a framework to approach and understand the world. In thinking about the role of design in today's world, I think a lot about how design has been leveraged, often subtly, as a vehicle to drive forward societal change. If you have thoughts on design's role in today's landscape, I'd love to hear them as well. For personal inquiries, reach me at jaylzhu@gmail.com. For work inquiries, contact me at jason@parthean.com

Email & Mobile

Email: jaylzhu@gmail.com